How many thoughts do you need to think to make the most out of your day?

On an average day, roughly what percentage of your thinking is redundant, unhelpful, unhealthy and repetitive? In other words, thoughts that are not necessary for you to make the most out of your day.

And on an average day, roughly what percentage of your thinking is productive and helpful, so that you can achieve the most from your day?

Don’t get caught up working out these percentages, a rough estimate is enough.

Is your redundant, unhelpful, unhealthy and repetitive thinking greater than your productive and helpful thinking?  If so, this is time better spent having space in your mind, rather than thought in your mind. Instead of giving these negative thoughts your time and energy, just be present with what is. Whatever you are doing, stay with it. Be with the activity, people, place, food, drink, fresh air etc. whatever it is be present with it. This will create space in your mind, allowing any unproductive thinking to fall away.

After all, you don’t need to think anymore because you already know how much thinking is necessary to help you achieve the maximum from your day. Any more thinking is literally a waste of space, but worse still, these unhelpful thoughts get in the way of your productive thoughts, slowing down your daily progress.

So stop gorging on those thoughts that are standing in the way of you making the most of your day. Remember the percentage of productive thoughts you said you needed to think, in order to make the most out of your day? Well that’s all you need, most probably even less than that.

Be more, think less. Make the most of your day.

You are radiant

We spend most of our time living in our heads. Cooped up in our minds. Thinking that this makes us more intelligent, considered, prepared and analytical and it does to some extent, but most of the time our thinking doesn’t serve us. We live our life up in up in our heads, when really, we don’t need to think half as much as we do. When we are up in our heads, we’re missing the present moment, the place where all life happens and where all opportunities exist. Thinking is a beautiful process and of course engage in it, in fact you must, to achieve the greatness that you are already capable of, but as beautiful as thought is, it doesn’t come close to the stunning radiance of the space in your mind. Your thoughts would be foolish to compete with such beauty. This radiance is YOU.

Let there be space in your mind.