Let there be space in your mind ONLY if you choose. It does not belong on your To Do list

Letting there be space in your mind, is not another thing to add to your ever expanding To Do list. It is quite the opposite. It is wholly your choice, anytime you choose, for as long as you choose, if you so choose. The space in your mind is who you are, forever present. Re-connect at your will.

When my mind was noisy, all I had was a list of things to do, to improve myself and my life:

Spend 10 minutes meditating each day.
Spend 4 minutes visualising my dreams each morning.
Spend 30 minutes doing cardio every other day.
Spend 10 minutes juicing each morning.
Spend 10 minutes writing down my goals each morning.
Read 1 book each month.
Spend 1 hour networking each week.
Spend 30 minutes writing in my journal each day.
Spend all of my life listening to others!

That’s what it felt like. The list was tiring and pressurising and it quietly let me know that if I wanted to be ‘better’ at work, in my relationships, financially, in love, in health, then I must adhere to 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there 30 minutes each day, 1 hour each week in order to be my best self and have the life I want.

The list went on and on and the more it did the more stressed, guilty and ‘not good enough’ I felt. There was always something I wasn’t doing as regularly as I should be. (I so dislike the word ‘should’. It impinges on my freedom of independent choice and makes me feel guilty if I don’t do something).

The space in your mind, is already there. It is already you. If it occurs to you to create space in your mind or you need it or want to do it, make space, if not then don’t. There is never any pressure, just freedom of choice. The sheer awareness of the space in your mind is profound enough in itself.

This is not about the outside world and it’s mantras to ‘be the best’ , ‘just do it’ and ‘get improving’. It’s simply empty, silent space, if ever, whenever you choose it. If you make it a must and put it on your To Do List, it becomes the thought of another and you will not be at peace with it.

Let there be space in your mind, if you so choose.

I am the unchanged and through it I change my world

The more regularly I make space in my mind, the less I think about making my life better, it just gets better.  Breath by breath, step by step, I live my most optimum life. On this journey, even when I fall, I am standing. I haven’t really fallen, I have simply experienced the duality of the world. Who I am remains unchanged because the unchanged is who I am and through it I change my world. My world gets better with so little thought, that sometimes I am taken aback at how much can be gained with only a few thoughts.

Let there be space in your mind.

There is so very little for you to worry about

“He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary.”
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Stoic Philosopher

We spend a lot of time worrying about the future, the place that does not exist! By doing so we miss the space in our minds and the present moment. We think the more we worry, the more prepared we will be. Of course plan and prepare for the future, that is sensible, but when we live the future in the present and are consumed for hours and days by a future that does not exist, then we are living an illusion. Then we are not planning and preparing ourselves for a future event, we are worrying about something that has not happened and probably will not happen. To do so, is to suffer, when there is no suffering. To worry when you have nothing to worry about. The future will always be the unknown, until the moment it becomes the known and that only happens in the present.

There will always be uncertainty and that’s cool. In the words of John Allen Paulos, Professor of Mathematics, “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is”. So let us embrace it because no matter how much you think about the future, you will never know it, for the simple reason it does not exist.

When all your mind wants to do is worry about the future, let there be space in your mind and come to know how very little there is for you to worry about.  It will guide you, so that you don’t have to spend so much of your time and energy worrying. The space in your mind does not know how to let you down. It only knows the most optimum path for you at any single moment. Fall into its’ embrace. It is warm, peaceful and protective.

Let there be space in your mind.

When there is space in your mind, you see things as they are, not as you think they are

When there is space in your mind, you see things clearly, as they are, without thought, without words, without language, without imagery. You are clear, focused and guided by intuition. Here there is no thought, there is intuition and it knows only the most optimum path in life for you. Your mind may disagree and that’s cool, let it, that’s what it does. Trust that which is greater than thought. Trust the space in your mind where all thought happens, so that the empty space can deliver the thought that serves you best, it is the thought that you are at peace with. The most peaceful thought that you can have about yourself and your life.

Let there be space in your mind. It knows you so well:)

In the digital age of social media, we need space in our minds more than ever

In the digital age of social media, we are bombarded by constant communications. We are gorging on the thoughts of others’, injected into our minds, every few seconds or minutes a day. This isn’t just information overload, but a communications overload of other peoples’ thoughts, opinions, images, videos, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, values etc.  Some of these communications may be good for you, some bad, but for the purpose of this post, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is that now more than ever we need to create space in our minds and let our minds breath frequently throughout the day.

Yet time is of the essence in an age where everything is moving at the speed of light and we are left with less and less time. Meditation and mindfulness take time and discipline. It may only be 10 or 15 minutes a day, but when you’re time poor, committing to it everyday could be tricky. Yet the space in your mind is yours anytime, anywhere, anyhow you choose it. It takes nothing from your day at all. It’s meditation on the go. Meditation for our New Media age. Simple, easy, effortless and at your fingertips. Just when we need it most.

So let there be space in your mind just for a few seconds at a time. As you go through your day, create space in your mind, as and when you choose. Space in your mind is having no thought. In other words it’s meditation that you do on the go. How refreshing!

Let there be space in your mind.