The most difficult thing to learn is something you think you know already

“The most difficult thing to learn is something you think you know already”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

We think that we are our thoughts, crystallised by the words of Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”.  Yet if it was not for the space in your mind, where would your thoughts live? They could not be because there would be no place for them to exist.

It’s tricky when you think that you are your thoughts, to then know yourself only as space.  This space is who you are, not the thought that lavishly takes up residence. A thought, any thought is your servant. If it does not serve you, then it has no place in your beautiful mind.

Make a little space in your mind and come to know who you are before and beyond thought.

99.99% of all that is, is space

“For nearly a hundred years, we have known that the material world is an illusion. Everything that seems solid – a rock, a tree, your body, is actually 99.99% empty space”.
Deepak Chopra

Space is 99.99% forever present in all that is,
Both in the inanimate and animate.

What of this space,
That is so prevalent and grand?
Are you not curious of its’ power?

It holds all that is, in such a perfect embrace.
It allows all to be just as it is, without judgement
Its’ power is greater than thought.
It’s power is magnificent.
It’s power is who you are, right here, right now.
Are you not curious of your power?

This isn’t about spirituality, God or self-help. It’s not even about meditation or mindfulness. It is about who you are

This isn’t about spirituality, God or self-help. It’s not even about meditation or mindfulness.  This is about who you are. The power that is in your mind when there is no thought. This power is pure energy. The sort that creates beyond all knowledge.

This energy is nothing less than MAGNIFICENT. It is who YOU are.

Let there be space in your mind. It has the intelligence to do the rest so that you may live your most optimum life, without thinking about how to be better.

If it were not for the thoughts in your mind, you would already know yourself as greatness.

Make a little space in your mind and come to know how powerful you really are.

Knowing yourself as space and not thought, can be daunting and yet so exhilarating

At first, it can be scary to think that we are not our thoughts. That who we think we are is not who we are at all. It is scary because it begs the ultimate question ‘if I am not my thinking, then who am I?’ It is then doubly scary to know yourself only as space, a silent emptiness, that is alive with energy. This can be too much for the thinking mind to grasp, but think not and you will know the emptiness of space as yourself, totally full.

When I first took my mind back to what caused the easy and effortless changes to happen in my life, I could not accept that the space that I had touched, in what I can only call another realm, was where it all started. (see my first post). ‘Space?” I kept saying to myself. “Please! I mean really?! There’s got to be a better explanation than that”. I searched for something more concrete, something I could understand. Perhaps it was a book I had read, a seminar I had attended, a conversation or an experience I had. How could it be ‘space’ that changed my world with such ease? I had made no constructive effort to improve my life, yet my life was improving in all areas quite easily, effortlessly and it was all happening in my stride. It had made no sense.

However, I continued to reject the power of space because it was hard to grasp. It was only when I tried not to grasp it, with thought, that I knew it to be true, without doubt. The power of the space in your mind has its roots deep in our history, dating back thousands of years and now backed by developments in neuroscience, it is at the forefront of our minds. This space is pure energy, pure life and pure intelligence. It lacks nothing because it is everything.

Let there be space in your mind. It is not scary because you don’t have to understand it, make sense of it, explain it or describe it. You simply have to let it be and it will do the rest.

How easy, simple and effortless. How could it be anything else? It is who you are and who you are has never been a conundrum. Why would it be?  You would never play such trickery on yourself. The thoughts that you think however would.

Let there be space in your mind and your thinking will know you as its’ Master. You, the Master will know freedom and peace as it is. Living from here is nothing less than exhilarating.

Let there be space in your mind.