Let there be space in your mind ONLY if you choose. It does not belong on your ‘to do’ list.

Letting there be space in your mind, is not another thing to add to your ever expanding ‘to do’  list. It is quite the opposite. It is wholly your choice, anytime you choose, for as long as you choose, if you so choose. The space in your mind is who you are, forever present. Re-connect at your will.

When my mind was noisy, all I had was a list of things to do, to improve myself and my life:

Spend 10 minutes meditating each day.
Spend 30 minutes exercising everyday.
Read 1 book each month.
Eat my 5 a-day

I am not knocking these as great ways to improve yourself, but by being on my ‘to do’ list, they silently let me know that if I didn’t do them, then I didn’t quite get there that day and would feel a pang of guilt, even if only slightly.

Creating space in your mind is not about feeling guilty, or obliged to do something; the space in your mind is already there, it is already you. If it occurs to you to create space in your mind or you need it or want to do it, make space, if not then don’t.

This is not about the mantra’s of the outside world, to ‘be the best’, ‘just do it’ and ‘get improving’. It’s simply about silent space, if ever, whenever you choose it. If you make it a must and put it on your ‘to do’ list, it just becomes something you should do, which carries with it guilt, if you don’t do it and sometimes even anxiety, before you do it.  The choice to create space in your mind must come from you and no one else, anytime, anywhere, anyhow you choose.

In the digital age of social media, we need space in our minds more than ever

In the digital age of social media, we are bombarded by constant communications. We are gorging on the thoughts of others’, injected into our minds, every few  minutes or hours a day. This isn’t just information overload, but a communications overload of other peoples’ thoughts, opinions, images, videos, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, values etc.  Some of these communications may be good for you, some bad, but for the purpose of this post, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is that now more than ever we need to regularly create some space in our minds, so that our minds get a chance to breath throughout the day.

Yet time is of the essence in an age where everything is moving at the speed of light and we are left with less and less time. Meditation and mindfulness take time and discipline. It may only be 10 or 15 minutes a day, but when you’re time poor, committing to it everyday isn’t always easy. Yet the space in your mind is yours anytime, anywhere, anyhow you choose it. It takes nothing from your day at all. It’s meditation on the go.  Simple, easy, effortless and at your fingertips. Perfect for our Digital Age.

As you go through your day, create space in your mind, as and when you choose, even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time. It will feel refreshing, like a mental mini-break!

Make a little space in your mind and take a mental breather.

Is it really worth meditating for just a few seconds?

Meditating for just a few seconds at a time is easy and effortless, giving you regular reprieve from your thoughts, throughout the day. That’s totally worth it!

If you choose at any given moment to let there be space in your mind for just a few seconds, that kind of commitment is easy to find. What excuse could you ever come up with for not letting there be space in your mind for a few seconds, anytime, anywhere you chose?

There is no pressure, no planning, no organising or even feelings of guilt for not being able to commit to 10 minutes a day or feeling deflated because you weren’t able to quieten your mind that particular day for much of the time when you sat down to meditate.

You are totally in control. You do it when you chose to and for as long as you chose to. A few seconds is more than enough if that is what you chose in that moment.

You see it’s not the quantity of time that is important, but the quality of space in your mind and even a few seconds of space is both powerful and valuable to your life.

As you do this at your own pace and choosing, it becomes easier to do more of it and for longer and gradually without much effort at all you will be creating space in your mind for 10 or more minutes a day, without ever sitting down to formally meditate, giving you peace all throughout the day.

Let there be space in your mind.

Let there be more space in your mind and fewer thoughts

The more regularly you create space in your mind, the more space you will have in your mind overall. The key is to allow yourself to let there be space in your mind as often as you can throughout the day.  Even a few seconds at a time is enough.

Unlike traditional meditation, you don’t have to create space in your mind for a chunk of time once a day, but instead give your mind regular mini breaks as you go through your day. This is meditation on the go. It does not confine you to a physical space nor to a set amount of time. When, where and for how long you meditate (create space in your mind) is entirely up to you. There are no rules. There is only space in your mind, as and when you chose.

Also because the space in your mind is more powerful than thought, it becomes easier to maintain that space once created. This is because thought loses some of it strength in the face of space; so space rather than thought becomes dominant. Also, regularly grabbing seconds or minutes of tranquility here and there throughout your day means you are continuously creating space in your mind.  It is not just pushed to the beginning or end of your day.  In fact every time you do it, it is because at that moment you are choosing to do because you want it or need it most.

You only need a few thoughts in your mind to help you achieve what you wish in a day. The rest of your thinking is often redundant and repetitive and can be quietened by the space in your mind.

Gradually you begin to move towards having more space in your mind and fewer thoughts. This is true freedom. It is also absolute peace. To be all that you are, freedom and peace is all that is needed. Anything else is helpful.

Let there be space in your mind.

There are no more techniques, tools, methods or step-by-step programmes for you to learn. Yippee! There is only space in your mind

We have been led to believe that we need to ‘learn’ how to be our best self through the application of techniques, tools, methods, approaches and step by step programmes.

We have also been led to believe that meditation requires a quiet place, a period of time, closed eyes and a lotus position if possible.

But what if you already are your best self? What if you were born as your best self and that there was nothing for you to learn to be it. All  you had to do was to not think of yourself as thought.

What if there were no rules to meditation. You could, if you chose to, meditate as you walked, talked, ate, worked, laughed or played and you could meditate for as long or as little as you chose to.

What if letting there be space in your mind was all that was needed?  How much time and energy you would then have to learn and think about what the space in your mind guided you to, without getting caught up in learning how to be your best self?

We have been taught that improvement is all about learning, that is how you progress. But what if no learning had to take place for you to be and live your greatest self? What if  learning only came into the equation as an aid, helper or servant to your best self, but not as a means of reaching your best self?

What then?

You would come to be your best self in all areas of your life, at every moment in your life because you already are.

Let there be space in your mind.

Meditation on the go. Give your mind mini breaks throughout the day

Let there be space in your mind, even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time. Those seconds of space add up and by the end of a day you will quite easily and effortlessly, have created no thought in your mind, for at least one or more minutes. That’s pure space gained, without forcing your mind to let go of thinking, which is what we tend to do when we sit down to meditate. More time in meditation is spent pushing thoughts away or coming back from thought to no thought.

I’s not difficult to have space in your mind, wherever wherever and for however long you choose. It’s meditation on the go and fitting for our digital culture of speed and efficiency. The space in our mind does not wait for the allocated 10 minutes to practice meditation in a quiet room. It happens now. It happens here. It happens anywhere.

When you meditate on the go, you accumulate a minute or more of pure space in your mind, by the end of a day. You will also have let your mind breathe at intervals throughout the day. It’s like your mind taking mini breaks as you go through your day.

Let there be space in your mind, whenever, wherever you choose for a few seconds at a time. It’s simple, easy and effortless.

It’s meditation on the go.