Is it really worth meditating for just a few seconds?

Meditating for just a few seconds at a time is easy and effortless, giving you regular reprieve throughout your day. That’s totally worth it!

If you choose at any given moment to let there be space in your mind for just a second or more, that kind of commitment is easy to find. What excuse could you ever come up with for not letting there be space in your mind for a second, any time you chose to?

There is no pressure, no planning, no organising or even feelings of guilt for not being able to commit to 10 minutes a day or feeling deflated because you weren’t able to quieten your mind that particular day for much of the time when you sat down to meditate.

You are totally in control. You do it when you chose to and for as long as you chose to. A second is more than enough if that is what you chose in that moment.

You see it’s not the quantity of time that is important, it is the quality of space in your mind that is and even a second of space is powerful and valuable to your life. Sometimes even more so, than when you are forcing rather than choosing to create space in your mind.

As you do this at your own pace and choosing, it becomes easier to do more of it and for longer and gradually without much effort at all you will be creating space in your mind for 10 or more minutes a day, without ever sitting down to formally meditate. This space is also more likely to be absolute space, giving you peace all throughout the day, no matter what your day is about because you have chosen each second of that space.

Let there be space in your mind.

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