Let there be more space in your mind and fewer thoughts

The more regularly you create space in your mind, the more space you will have in your mind overall. The key is to allow yourself to let there be space in your mind as often as you can throughout the day.  Even a few seconds at a time is enough.

Unlike traditional meditation, you don’t have to create space in your mind for a chunk of time once a day, but instead give your mind regular mini breaks as you go through your day. This is meditation on the go. It does not confine you to a physical space nor to a set amount of time. When, where and for how long you meditate (create space in your mind) is entirely up to you. There are no rules. There is only space in your mind, as and when you chose.

Also because the space in your mind is more powerful than thought, it becomes easier to maintain that space once created. This is because thought loses some of it strength in the face of space; so space rather than thought becomes dominant. Also, regularly grabbing seconds or minutes of tranquility here and there throughout your day means you are continuously creating space in your mind.  It is not just pushed to the beginning or end of your day.  In fact every time you do it, it is because at that moment you are choosing to do because you want it or need it most.

You only need a few thoughts in your mind to help you achieve what you wish in a day. The rest of your thinking is often redundant and repetitive and can be quietened by the space in your mind.

Gradually you begin to move towards having more space in your mind and fewer thoughts. This is true freedom. It is also absolute peace. To be all that you are, freedom and peace is all that is needed. Anything else is helpful.

Let there be space in your mind.

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