There are no more techniques, tools, methods or step-by-step programmes for you to learn. Yippee! There is only space in your mind

We have been led to believe that we need to ‘learn’ how to be our best self through the application of techniques, tools, methods, approaches and step by step programmes.

We have also been led to believe that meditation requires a quiet place, a period of time, closed eyes and a lotus position if possible.

But what if you already are your best self? What if you were born as your best self and that there was nothing for you to learn to be it. All  you had to do was to not think of yourself as thought.

What if there were no rules to meditation. You could, if you chose to, meditate as you walked, talked, ate, worked, laughed or played and you could meditate for as long or as little as you chose to.

What if letting there be space in your mind was all that was needed?  How much time and energy you would then have to learn and think about what the space in your mind guided you to, without getting caught up in learning how to be your best self?

We have been taught that improvement is all about learning, that is how you progress. But what if no learning had to take place for you to be and live your greatest self? What if  learning only came into the equation as an aid, helper or servant to your best self, but not as a means of reaching your best self?

What then?

You would come to be your best self in all areas of your life, at every moment in your life because you already are.

Let there be space in your mind.

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