The space in your mind is your greatest potential

The space in your mind is your greatest potential, it is the very best YOU, beyond thought. This is where your greatness resides and it asks you on a daily basis to let it be manifested in your physical reality. That is its’ purpose. That is your purpose.

But our thoughts block our greatest potential. Such thoughts tell us that we are not good enough. We assume that our greatest potential is a combination of our positive thoughts being blocked by our negative thoughts.  We ‘think’ we’re ‘great’ and simultaneously we ‘think’ we are ‘not good enough’. Yet neither of these thoughts are who you are. Neither of them are here to serve you. Because even when you think you’re ‘great’, it doesn’t come close to how great you actually are. Such positive thoughts  are simply a signpost pointing to your greatness, but not greatness itself.

Your greatest potential was never hidden from you nor was it ever made difficult for you to know. Why would your greatest potential play such trickery on you? It wouldn’t, but your thoughts would.

Let there be space in your mind and you will come to know your greatest potential, in all its’ splendour, beyond words. You are truly MAGNIFICENT. You are beyond thought, beyond words. You are space.

Let there be space in your mind and live your greatest potential, without thinking about it. It needs no thought because you already are it.

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