The space in your mind is more powerful than the thought in your mind

The space in your mind is more powerful, than the thought in your mind. Yet we don’t think that something as elusive and abstract as space could be greater than the tangible and concrete form of thought. Yet it is.

All forms on earth, including thought are here to do the work of space, the Master of all. Nothing is greater than space because space is nothing. All that is, is borne out of space, out of pure energy, out of no-thing.

Know yourself as the space in your mind and all that you wish to have in your life will be delivered by the thought that arises out of this space. Mistake yourself for thought and all that you wish to have in life will either be a struggle and filled with sacrifices or will only partly be attained if at all.

Struggle and sacrifice are illusions.  They are thoughts of the outside world. We have been taught that if we make sacrifices, put in all the hours God sends and struggle, we can achieve what we want and of course you can, but what a life reducing way to go about it.

There is a different and better way and it is easy and effortless. It is about doing your work and not the work of another. It’s about living your greatest potential. There are no sacrifices nor any struggles or painstaking hard work. There is of course labour, commitment and challenges, but when space is your guide, your work doesn’t feel difficult. You are in the arms of space and it all feels easier and effortless, than if you lived as thought.

The thought to action, that arises out of this space, is one that you must be at peace with, all of it. Its’ boldness, uncertainty, riskiness and the labour and challenges it entails. If you are not at peace with it, then it has not arisen out of the space in your mind. It is the thought of another. The thought that you are at peace with is the thought to take action on.

The space in your mind will show you how easy, effortless and enjoyable the process of having what you want is. Remember the journey is as important as your goal, if not more so. Struggles and sacrifices reduce your journey to a means to an end and your life is most definitely, more than a means to an end, is it not?

The space in your mind knows the most optimum route for you. Let it guide you and act on the thoughts that you are at peace with.

Let there be space in your mind and know how powerful a Creator you are.  Be bold, be be brave, be uncertain, engage in labour and face challenges. But most importantly be at peace with your thought to action.

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