How to declutter your mind

When you create space in your mind, you automatically declutter your mind.

There is nothing you have to do to declutter your mind. There is no technique to learn, no steps to follow or method to apply. You simply have to choose to let there be space in your mind.

I have read that if you write your thoughts down this declutters your mind, but I am not so sure. Thoughts are sneaky and dispelling them from your mind onto paper, can cause you to think about what you have written, so defeating the purpose of the exercise, but even more so because thoughts have a tendency to repeat themselves by re-entering your mental space, even after you have let them go.

We work hard to push unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts out of our minds which takes a lot of energy and feels like a battle. It is however, mental space that can suck the strength out of the thought, so that even if it re-enters your mind, it sits there powerless to influence you. You don’t have to try to get rid of it. The space in your mind will do all the work.

The more often you create space in your mind, the less power these thoughts have to swoop back in. This is because the space in your mind is awareness and your thoughts don’t like you to shine a light on them because it shows them up for what they are, i.e.that they are merely forms. They are not who you are.

The space lessens the hold that thoughts have over you. This is because the space separates the thought from you, demonstrating that you and the thought cannot be one and the same. There is space and there is your thought. In other words, you are not your thinking. You are what allows your thinking to be. You are truly powerful.

Your thoughts now have less power to waltz back into your mind because you no longer see the thought as you. The more space you have, the less chance your thoughts have to dominate your mind. Your thoughts lose the strength to re-enter your mental space, or if they do, they are too weak to influence you.

This is you decluttering your mind, simply by letting there be space in your mind.

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