When you are feeling low or depressed, it is easier than ever to create space in your mind

When you feel low or depressed, this is the time to create more space in your mind. It is in fact easier than when you feel good about yourself. This is because when you are feeling depressed your mind is bombarded by unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts, either about yourself or your life. These thoughts keep repeating themselves and dominate your mental space for hours, days, weeks or even months. You want out of this thinking, more so than when you are thinking positive thoughts about yourself. This is what makes it easier to re-connect with the space in your mind. This space is more ready than ever for you to re-connect with it because you are at your most receptive to it.

It knows only the most optimum life for you and does not know how to let you down, whereas your thinking does. So take a few seconds or minutes and give yourself a break. Create some space in your mind.

This space has the power to hold you in the most peaceful embrace ever. A kinder and more loving embrace than any human being could ever afford you. Give it a chance. It is waiting for you to do just that. It is forever and always present. It is who you are.

Let there be space in your mind.

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