Meditating in the 21st Century – there are no rules

It’s dated to think that we can only meditate in a quiet room, with our eyes closed, sitting lotus position for at least 10 minutes. Let’s revive some of these pearls of wisdom of the last 2500 years and bring them into sync with the speed and efficiency of the digital age.

You can choose at any given moment in time, to have even a few seconds of no thinking. That would be you meditating. It is not the quantity of time spent meditating, but the quality of space you have in your mind. Even a few seconds of that space is worth more than ten positive thoughts or 10 minutes of forcing your mind to let go of thoughts as you sit lotus position.

Let there be space in your mind, anytime you choose and for as long as you choose. Meditate for seconds or minutes, here and there, as you go through your day. This is meditating in the 21st century. There are no rules there is only space in your mind anytime you choose.

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