The space in your mind is intuition

Since the 1930’s positive thinking has spear headed the personal development movement, encouraging us to think positively about our situation and ourselves. We learnt to change our lives dramatically using positive thinking, but as we focused on positive thoughts, we overlooked that which is even more powerful and that is having no thought. We appreciated ‘no thought’ only as meditation, but it is only until recently that mindfulness has introduced it to us as a tool for personal development.

We have come to know the importance of the space in which our thoughts happen. The space that gives breath to our thoughts and how powerful and peaceful this space is. This space is who you are. You can know it as intuition. It is your very own personal guide in life. It is always there for you, forever present. Listen to it by being mentally still.

It will not take you down the wrong path because it does not know how to. It only knows the most optimum life for you. Let there be space in your mind and you will come to know who you are.

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