I am a minimalist mind

My Dad passed away 8 years ago. He died in my arms and I felt his body turn ice cold in what seemed like less than a second. In that moment, his soul left his body and my soul went with his.

I didn’t have an out of body experience. I was still there in the hospital watching as the doctors hurried towards his bed when the machines started beeping, but whilst I was there I was also somewhere else. Somewhere that wasn’t here. It wasn’t of this world.

It was dark and there was space. Just space, there was nothing else, only space. I reached out and touched it. I could feel the space. Its’ energy. It wasn’t like touching space here, where my hand would just glide through it. This space was alive and I could feel its’ aliveness. The emptiness lacked nothing. It was complete. The space was dark and silent.

This space is who I am, who I have always been, yet could not be because of the very many thoughts in my mind.

From here on, I created space in my mind and my mind could breathe. It became clearer, focused and more intuitive. I also became braver than I had ever been before. As I let there be space in my mind more and more, I had fewer and fewer unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts standing in my way. I became braver, bolder and happier.

Today I create space in my mind as often as I can, throughout the day. Its’ power is literally out of this world.

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